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Smart Phone Tour

Now you can tour the Asheville Radio Museum using your smart phone!  See and learn about many of our most interesting items while visiting us or from anywhere else.

Installing the App on Your Phone

The app we use is called Uniguide.  Available for free for Apple and Android phones, it provides tours for dozens of attractions in the Asheville area as well as many others in cities across the United States.  It is like having a professional tour guide in your pocket!

To download the app, go to on your smart phone.  Then, click the Apple App Store or Google Play button to go directly to the Uniguide download page.  Install as you would any other app for your phone.

When you run the app, allow Uniguide to access your location.

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Using the Tour at the Museum

The app will show a list of tours in the Asheville area.  Tap on the Asheville Radio Museum.  You can download the tour to your phone for offline use, or choose to listen online.

As you walk around the museum you will see items with a number sign.  Tap in the number (one or two digits) on the Uniguide keypad on your smart phone screen, then tap Listen.  This will bring up a photo of the item, and its audio recording will begin to play.

Hint:  Tap 1 to hear the intro to the museum.  Then, tap 2 for a brief orientation.

Use the back button at the top of the item's screen to return to the keypad.

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Using the Tour Elsewhere

Tap the button just below the 9 on the Uniguide keypad.  It will bring up a list of the items, showing a small photo and description for each.  Tap any item to listen to its story.

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