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If teaching radio waves is one of your challenges, this info should be helpful to you. 


We have assembled a PowerPoint presentation with a huge amount of useful information... ways to build student interest by making radio waves relevant to their lives today; tips for teaching about them in an interesting and entertaining way; and ready made teaching tools for you to use. 


The photo of the index (below) will give you an idea of what information the presentation contains. Each index topic has a hyperlink at the end of its description line... a small square with an underline.  Click of this small square to jump directly to the slide(s) pertaining to this topic.  Note:  There are navigation buttons on each slide to jump back to the index, or to the previous slide you were viewing.

Teachers only, can download this PowerPoint file (about 80 Mb) from our File Sharing page.  Or, if you just want to get a quick idea of what the presentation contains, you can download a PDF version (much smaller - only 1.5 Mb) by clicking here.  Feel free to use any of our PowerPoint slides in your teaching sessions.

We have also included here a highly useful "Pop Quiz" we give to students to make radio waves relevant to them today.  It lists a dozen or so of today's modern conveniences (e. g., cell phones, GPS, Bluetooth) that are all made possible by radio waves.  In the quiz, we pose the question "which of these do not depend on radio waves?".  The answer is that all of them do.  The quiz is also available for download on the File Sharing page.

Lastly, if you would like to show your class an interesting PowerPoint slide show of interesting items in the Asheville Radio Museum, download the Looping Slide show on the File Sharing page.

If you have any suggestions for improving this information, please use the contact form at the bottom of our home page.  And, if you find this information useful, kindly give us a review on our Google Search Results page.  Thank you!

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