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Please Join Us
for our
20th Anniversary Celebration!

Twenty years ago, a handful of amateur radio operators joined forces to create a museum of radios.  Today, it is one of the country's most interesting museums showcasing how radio waves were discovered and developed, how commercial radio stations came into being and how amateur radio became a hobby for so many.

In honor of this anniversary, the City of Asheville has proclaimed September 2021 as Asheville Radio Museum Month.  Here you can see the City's Proclamation.

We celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the museum and invite you to join us on Saturday September 11 between noon and 3 PM.  Parking and museum admission are free for the entire family.  Light refreshments will be served.

In addition to seeing and learning about many fascinating items on display, you can:

  • See a ham radio station in operation

  • Create radio waves with an electric spark transmitter

  • Tap out your name in Morse Code

  • Listen to a foreign radio station on a shortwave radio

  • Listen for fire department and paramedic communications on a vintage 'scanner' radio

  • See the radio that saved lives during World War II

  • See the Nazi propaganda radio that could result in your death if caught listening to a foreign station

  • Listen to a hundred year old Thomas Edison phonograph

  • Take home a souvenir vacuum tube

  • And so much more!

Please join us to see one of Asheville's premier small specialty museums!  Here are detailed directions for reaching the free parking garage adjacent to the museum and then walking to room 315 of the Elm Building where the museum is located. 

SUMMARY OF DIRECTIONS:  If you have a GPS, you set it to 16 Fernihurst Drive, which is the address of the free parking garage around 100 feet from the Elm Building where the museum is located (room 315).  If your GPS does not recognize this address, set it to 283 Victoria Road which will bring you to the corner of Fernihurst Drive.  Turn at the corner (there is only one way to turn), go one block to the building that says Conference Center on the front.  Proceed to the back of this building to enter the parking garage.  Exit the elevator lobby of the garage, walk straight ahead to Elm Building, entering it on the "short" side (straight ahead).  Proceed to the Elm elevator lobby in the middle of the building and go to the 3rd floor.  Look down the hallway to your left and you will see a small sign ahead that says Asheville Radio Museum.

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